Friday, June 10, 2016

Blood Story


One golden hot sunny day I was outside with my mum and dad at home. I was bouncing very high on our trampoline and suddenly my dad shot me with my Nerf shotgun that he found on the ground ow I cried in pain,

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‘that hurt and that’s it’ I exclaimed in anger ‘bring it on’ myself and dad was in his hiding spot and secretly put bee bee bullet’s inside of the Nerf bullets he had in the gun.

I got ready for battle 3,2,1 go!!! I got very anxious and as we just got started ow pause I yelled AW I cried. My mum came over to check out what happened.

Later on mum said wow that's one big scare that’s going to get left there for a while, Meanwhile mum got out the bandages.

Dad questioned me are you alright Diaz?  in a weird sound I mumbled   Yeah!!! I said to my dad you are a pro at this well that is what it looks like anyway.

I said I am never ever facing you in a Nerf war again OK.

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